Network Monitoring System

Network Management Software

Application for Remote Control & Monitoring

An advanced flexible Network Monitoring System suitable for virtually all kinds of control and monitoring tasks. It monitors and displays the IP network status as well as the status of software applications and system hardware in a fully integrated way.

Key Features

  • Graphical display of network and system status
  • Multiple view options for hardware, software applications and network status
  • Intelligent status propagation from detailed to overview displays
  • Monitoring via SNMP, ICMP, SMTO, TCP (HTTP, POP, IMAP), UDP (NTP, DNS)
  • User-configurable plug-in concept

Customer Benefits

There are numerous installations worldwide for comprehensive monitoring and control of aeronautical centre applications and equipment. Its easy to use and mature design concepts as well as its high adaptability to the operational environment has made it a reliable instrument for system monitoring. Thus, it significantly contributes to the aim of simplifying the monitoring of complex systems, which in turn reduces operational costs by simultaneously increasing system availability.

Component Status Reporting

The Application collects status information from monitored components, analyses the received information and transforms the status information meaningful to the supervisor. Components can also actively report a status change by means of SNMP traps, All status changes are logged in a database to be collected later for various reports.

Alarm Escalation

Status changes, which are regarded as important or even critical, can be configured to trigger external alarm devices, In particular, it is possible to trigger the sending of emails or mobile phone text messages. An elaborate escalation strategy avoids frequent triggering of false alarms. Maintenance staff can log in to system remotely, assess the situation and take the appropriate fault repair activities.