HRM Software

HRM Software is an output of dealing with Global Clients with 16 years Experience. It deploys latest HR Practices with Cutting edge Technology. Flexible and customizable to your organization's specific needs - Our latest tool ubiHRM has been designed to automate Human Resources Management.

Organizational BI Graph - HRM Software
Organizational BI Graph - HRM Software
ubiHRM Overview
  • Integrated human resource people and processes effectively.
  • Low investment risk because of SAAS model - pay as you go
  • Cloud based, platform independent
  • Cut down on your resource cost – software, hardware and manpower. No maintenance Cost.

  • Compliant with HR Best Practices
  • Flexible and customizable to organization's specific needs.
  • Scalable from 50-50,000 employees
  • Exclusive suite of world class features to help you manage your personnel.
  • Say good bye to tedious manual entry. No more juggling between folders and documents
  • Dynamic, eye catching Dashboards
  • Powerful and Compelling MIS Reports
  • Organizational Hierarchy with reporting relationships.
  • Packaged Performance and competency yardsticks.

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