Aptitude Testing Software

Aptitude Testing Software for Education Industry

ubiAptitude – a web based aptitude testing software for educational institutes- school, colleges, coaching centers and universities. Our cloud based assessment tool can gauge the aptitude skills of students, teaching faculties, professors, counsellors & office staff quickly. The aptitude results Educational bodies to certify & steer the students in the right career path.

Key Features for Educational Institutes

  • Simple & hassle-free
  • Web Based
  • 360 ° Analysis
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Immediate Results
  • Accurate Predictions
  • Affordable
  • Unbiased Assessment
  • Minimal Paper work
  • Multiple Assessment stages
  • Detailed interpretation
  • Score & rating
Web based aptitude testing software for educational institutes

Types of Tests in Aptitude testing Software

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric tests is used to test Applicant’s personality accurately. Psychometric assessment can be a basic filter for recruitment to examine hidden traits of an applicant. There can be different types of psychometric tests.
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Skill Tests

Through skill tests in education sector, you can get well qualified applicants. Skill assessment tests can be used by universities & certification bodies.There can be different types of Skill assessment tests.
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Cognitive Tests

Cognitive ability tests can be used in educational institutes to examine students & Teaching staff’s mental skills. Check the ability to respond intelligently in complex situations. There can be different types of cognitive tests.
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Language Tests

Language tests are important in educational sector to judge how candidate can absorb language elements. Grammar and spelling tests are the basic language tests.There can be different types of Language assessment tests.
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