Aeronautical Messaging Solution

Most robust AMS system available packed with features designed to increase its messaging efficiency, reliability and safety

  • Full support for Basic and Extended ATS Message Services.
  • High performance message through-put for high traffic volumes
  • Featured packed web - based User Agent for both operators and administrators
  • Exclusive redundancy software and hardware technologies

The core components are:

  • Message Transfer Agent
  • Message Store
  • Access Unit
  • Directory Services
  • User Agent

Ubimex Web allows system administrators to configure, maintain, and monitor AMHS operations using a graphical user interface.

  • Manage users, groups, rights, & privileges
  • View logs of messaging transactions & system events
  • Configure internal AMHS & AFTN system parameters
  • Monitor the status of system processes & components
  • Run diagnostics to test system performance

Message Store
UbiMS is a robust database for short & long-term message storage:

  • Receives messages on behalf of users [Inbox]
  • Submits messages on behalf of users [Outbox]
  • Keeps all message traffic for a user-configured duration
  • Provides high-performance message searches
  • Simple tools for backup and archival

Aeronautical Messaging Solution

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